This Election Doesn’t Require My Reaction

The entire country seems to have lost it over the past week. Donald Trump will be our next president and there seems to be two very distinct reactions spreading around the world of social media.

1. Hooray-Huge win for the right!



2. The apocalypse has begun.


I have tried in vain to look at things from both perspectives and I am honestly having a hard time understanding either side.

On one hand, many on the right seem to be in a state of drunken joy that this result will somehow solve all of the wrongs in our country. As if one man could save us? As if one man could possibly be so perfect that he has a solution to every problem? Well, there was One who meets that criteria- Jesus Christ. Not Donald Trump.

On the other hand, there is sensationalism and intense fear being propagated on the left that the USA will somehow become a late 1930’s Germany. I even read a quote that stated something along the lines of future citizens will look back on this election in the same way that Germans look back on the beginning of Hitler’s leadership. This bothers me immensely. Why? Because Donald Trump hasn’t exterminated 6 million people. Let’s not devalue the significance of the Holocaust by making such a loose comparison.

Today I read a Facebook post in which the poster was asking what white people will do to protect minorities. Since I suppose I am one of those white people, my answer was simple and I hope easily understood.

I will do what I already do.

I will treat everyone I meet with dignity and respect.

I will stand up for people when I see them being wronged.

I will spread the message of God’s love and grace to anyone willing to hear.

This election doesn’t require my reaction.

What it requires is for me to continue being the person I am. To do what I know is right. To listen to understand, not to argue.

I am not a person who thinks either side is correct. I do not believe Donald Trump to be a hate-filled, venomous person. I believe him to be a fallen human in a fallen world, much like all of us. I also do not believe that abortion will suddenly end. I do not believe that he can solve all of our problems. As I stated earlier, only One is capable of saving the world-Jesus Christ.

What I do think is that if we all calm down a bit and simply remember to treat each other the way we want to be treated, everything will be just fine.

The spiteful and cruel comments I have read on social media over the past few days are more disgusting than the issues that are being argued. We need to remember that we are speaking to fellow human beings. That is a person you are yelling at. That is a soul you are degrading.

If we tear each other apart, it will be us that destroyed this country, not our leader.

Just some thoughts. I hope you all have a good week!



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