6 Lies My Culture Tells Girls Everyday

So, its International Girls Day! Yay! Let’s all celebrate! Get half naked, post a few selfies, and some song lyrics that describe me just for what I’m worth!

Please note the intense sarcasm. I have a feeling I might get some backlash for this as it goes against the status quo, but guess who cares? *crickets*

I have compiled a short list of lies I am told, as a woman, by my own culture on a daily basis. These lies tend to lead us to believe that the above freedoms will somehow make us happy. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

1.) Your butt matters. I mean seriously, it matters so much. If you’re not rocking a booty a la Kim K, where do you even find your self worth? *eyeroll…next!

2.) The more social media attention a half naked picture gets, the better you are. No. Just no. Having men, who have a primal instinct to be attracted to you, tell you how hot you are does absolutely nothing to increase your worth or happiness. You’re basically just giving parts of yourself away to people undeserving of that intimate knowledge of you. Would you slice up a hundred dollar bill and pass it around for comments and likes? You’re worth much more than that.

3.) If a man cheats on his wife or girlfriend with you, that somehow makes you irresistible, enticing, or clever. Again, huge NOPE! If a man is unfaithful, he has his own issues he needs to work out. If he is unfaithful with you, you just unfortunately made yourself an easy target. Respect yourself more than that. You deserve loyalty (and so does his wife)!

4.) It’s normal for women to hate eachother. Guys, we are sisters! Stop trying to one up the girl next to you and work together!

5.) Shake your money-maker. ‘Nuff said.

6.) Being selfish is a good thing. Women are encouraged to put themselves first in order to find happiness. This is the biggest load of bull I have ever seen and not just for women. Selfishness will never lead to happiness for anybody.

These are just some random thoughts but I got to tell you, I’m so sick of it. I am a daughter of God, a follower of Jesus. I am worth So. Much. More. than all of this stuff.

My worth comes from Him. It is in my heart, my soul, and my mind.

Keep on, keeping on, ladies. Don’t believe the hype, you’re worth MORE. Spread the truth around!


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