Write What You Know

When it comes to writing, I try to follow some of the most common advice you might find around the web- make it interesting, show, don’t tell, do your research, and read, read, read. I have found one particular piece of advice to be much more useful than the above. It is simple. So simple in fact, I would bet that every writer does it.

Write what you know.

That’s it.

Now, I know about many things, as I’m sure you do as well. But I like to write about what I know well. Sure I could write anything given enough research material, but the best part about this advice for me is that what I know is why I write.

See, I know tragedy. I know loss and pain. I know darkness. I know what it is to be lost. I know what it is to regret mistakes and bad choices. I know what it is to doubt my own worth.

What I also know is light. I know grace. I know forgiveness and I know hope.

I know the world can lie to us but God never will.

I know it is a wasted effort to try and save ourselves.

Most importantly, I know that there is no greater peace than surrendering my hurt, my anger, my feelings of betrayal, and my grief to God and that makes me know freedom.

So, I will continue to write what I know because it is my hope that this knowledge will be what changes a person. It changed me. I feel driven to write because I hope that it might help others enduring the same type of grief that I did. Maybe they don’t have the support they need? Maybe they don’t yet know Jesus? Maybe they just need to know that they are not alone? No matter where they are in the process, I can only hope that my books might help them find their way.


I suppose I could try to write a self-help book but I feel I would do so unsuccessfully. I feel like the best media I have is fiction and I didn’t really help myself.  It was works of Christian fiction that first sparked my interest in God years ago and it was He that helped me. Perhaps someday my writing can do the same for someone else. One can hope.

So, those are my thoughts on writing today!

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