7 Ways to Experience Jesus

I have had so many thoughts lately on what it truly means to be a Christian so I wanted to compile a little list of ways to experience Jesus in our lives. This is not all inclusive and really, is just an extension of thoughts and ideas I have when I’m thinking about how much I love God. I am not any kind of authority on Christianity. My only qualification is that I love Christ with my whole heart. I truly want to be the best Christian I can be to honor Him. I am not there yet…and may never be, but I will always be working toward that goal.

1.) Accept Him. It’s simple. Grace. Jesus died so that we may be separated from sin in eternity. So that we may spend that time with The Father in heaven. If you want to truly experience Jesus, what better way than to allow Him in? If you won’t do that, the rest of this list need not apply. He is a gentleman, He won’t come into our lives without being invited.

2.) Stop trying to be perfect. I know I said I will always try to be the best Christian I can, so maybe what is important here isn’t if you are trying, but why? Trying to be perfect is an effort in futility. It will not and cannot win us favor with God. Jesus always reveals Himself to the broken, to those who need Him. Let yourself need Him.

3.) Stop judging those around you for not being perfect. This one goes well with the above. Stop comparing yourself to others and stop feeling superior (or sometimes inferior). Now, I am not talking about discernment. Discernment is not judging. Discernment is accurately viewing right from wrong.  Judging is feeling as though you know what another deserves or that you somehow are better than them. An entire post could be devoted to discernment vs. judgement.

4.) Think about Him. Seriously. Look at the trees, the sky, admire His beautiful handiwork. Think on the sacrifice He made for us. Do it daily.

5.) Thank Him. In every moment of everyday, be grateful for the love He gives us. Show that love to others, even if your judgement from #3 makes you feel they don’t deserve it. We don’t deserve it either.

6.) Pray. Pray about yourself, your family, friends. But most importantly, pray for His will. That’s kind of scary. That involves a huge amount of faith. He has shown us how much He loves us. We can trust him. Give Him your heart, your mind, and control in your life. I’ve never met anyone who regretted that decision.

7.) Be patient. Everything for your good is done in God’s timing. Wait on the Lord. There is nothing more worthy of our patience than Him.

Thats all I got today folks! My future posts will probably be more about the novel I am working on. Oh, who am I kidding? I have too many interests! You might find posts on love, God, writing, horses, even my Yorkie, Zoey, but I hope you enjoy them all!

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